The moving supplies kit 6 is supplied with everything you need for a full scale packing expedition.

Complete with 60 small, medium and large extra strong double wall packing boxes to pack all your household belongings, packing paper for wrapping crockery, ornaments and delicate items. 
Rolls of bubble wrap are supplied to protect pictures, ornaments and breakable items. 
Packing tape to seal packing boxes and Fragile tape is also supplied to seal and identify removal boxes with breakable contents. 

Packing kit 6 also includes bedding bags for duvets and blankets and zip ties for sealing bedding bags and strapping together dismantled beds/furniture and garden tools. 
Marker pens are included in the packing kit to identify removal box contents and destination. 
Simply add wardrobe, TV boxes and other required products as needed from our Individual items page. 

Executive Removal Kit

  • Executive Kit Contents -

    20 x Packing Box 1 (L45cm x W45cm x H26cm, double wall)20 x Packing Box 2 (L45cm x W45cm x H52cm, double wall)20 x Packing Box 3 (L45cm x W45cm x H78cm, double wall)1 x 2.5kg Packing paper (200 sheets approx)1 x 5kg Packing paper (400 sheets approx)3 x Rolls of bubble wrap (500mm x 10m)3 x Rolls of bubble wrap (750mm x 10m)8 x Buff packing tape 2 x Fragile tape3 x Marker pens1 x Bedding sacks (pack of 6)1 x Zip ties (pack of 10)