Terms and Conditions


By Accepting our quote you agree to our Terms and Conditions:

We are a professional removal company that has over  20 years of experience in moving and courier work. We assure our customers that we will deliver whatever fits our vans and within the weight. Our team can help load/unload and pack/unpack, we are here to serve you as best as possible.  We can't be held responsible for delays or non-completion of jobs caused by circumstances outside of our control i.e. weather, major traffic delay, customer delays, accidents etc. If this happens we will contact you immediately and aim to deliver at the earliest possible time. You may incur additional charges if the driver  has to pay for parking while loading / unloading or waiting. Terms & Conditions:

1. Our price are based on the inventory items listed by you in the listing provided, Extra items, that are not listed in description, will occur extra charge of £1.50 per cubic meter/60kg whichever loaded first only if space and weight are available on the van. Please notify us about any extra items, which are not listed before you accept our quote to avoid unexpected charges. If your listing contains un-calculated number of items, (e.q. "Boxes", "Bags", "Suitcases", etc) we fairly count this as 5-8 boxes approx. 50 x 50 x 50 cms weighing no more than 25kg each or bags, 2-3 suitcases or similar all of regular size and weight. Any items more than this will be charged extra.

2.We also reserve the right to limit the amount of goods to the amount quoted in the booking.

3. Waiting time: at pick-up/drop-off location, if the person is not at home or have not made arrangements for us to load/unload then after 10 minutes waiting this will incur charges of £0.50 per minute (max £200 per day) to cover our van time and loss of possible work, should we have to wait overnight then our hotel/food expenses must also be covered by the customer. All phone calls made/received in countries outside the EU to customers regarding their job will be charged at £1.00 per minute. 4.It is customers responsibility to make sure our vans will have parking available at all the collection points and drops. Any parking permits and fines will have to be paid by the customer.

5. All our quotes are based on "ground-to-ground" floor jobs. Please inform us if flats and what floors ( inc lifts available or stairs) before you accept our quote. We will not always impose charges for the floor level depending on the size and weight of the items. By informing us prior to quote acceptance, you will avoid unexpected charges.

6. Quote is only for loading/unloading items ground floor only and within view of our vehicle. If you require dismantling and reassemble that will be extra, same for the packing services.

7.If a job is cancelled within 7 working days of the booked collection date the deposit is non refundable.

8. We are not responsible for any paperwork/Taxes due by customs for the transportation of your goods. It is totally the customers responsibility to do this themselves, any delays due to incorrect paperwork then the same conditions as rule number 3 will apply.

9. We operate 8 vehicles, we also work alongside other companies to ensure the best possible service as we cannot always do the work ourselves. All sub contracted companies will work to our rule on the Terms and Conditions on this website and you will be covered under their Insurance company. Some drivers are not fluent in English.

10. All weighbridge fees are the responsibility of the customer, repeat weighing until the weight is correct again is the customers responsibility.

10a. Payment terms are a deposit to book the job then the balance of the job on collection unless otherwise agreed by us.  

11. In the event we cannot weigh our vehicle once we have loaded a full house move we are not responsible for any fines due to being overweight on the van.

12. For International & Domestic Removals, we provide Total Loss cover which is limited Liability cover in the event that your whole consignment is lost\damaged due to a major incident. Additional All Risk Marine Insurance is available for additional cover for specific items and this can be arranged via Swift Removals. In the event that we have not export wrapped the goods (ie the customer has wrapped themselves) we are only Insured to the value of £50 for the full amount of goods inside each box. We are not responsible for poorly packaged goods/furniture and items not being wrapped accordingly ready for collection. We request a time and dated photo to be taken of all goods and shown to our drivers prior to moving the furniture. Any furniture worth over £50 is not insured unless our drivers have taken a photo prior to wrapping them, it is your responsibility to inform us of any single items worth over £50 and we require all receipts of purchase on collection. Our vehicles are stopped up to five times by the police and customs between collection and delivery. We have no control of the goods at this point and we are not responsible for any damage caused whilst being searched. Additional All Risk Insurance is available for additional cover for specific items and this can be arranged via Swift Removals. All mattresses and sofas must be wrapped prior to collection and we must be notified if they cannot be strapped in the van on our job sheet.

13. TVs must be in the original or one purchased from Ebay with the polystyrene or padded corners and the screens wrapped in the protection or bubble wrap. We are not responsible for TV's not boxed in these type of boxes either in Spain or the UK. Additional All Risk Insurance is available for additional cover for specific items and this can be arranged via Swift Removals

13a All washing machines must have transport bolts fitted inside prior to collection.

14. ALL goods must be checked off with the driver on arrival. We are not responsible for any items claimed to be missing or damaged once the driver has left your property. TV's, Games consoles, Ornaments, Monitors/Laptops, Pictures, Mirrors, Glass shelves or any valuables over £50 must be unwrapped in front of the driver. 

15. We reserve the right to keep the customers goods whilst charging the relevant fees until payment in full. If the balance is not paid within 1 week we will sell the goods at auction to recover our costs.

16. We do not take responsibility for any inventory sheets not filled in correctly.

17.All our vehicles & trailers are serviced and maintained regularly. Whilst towing we are not responsible for delays of vehicles/trailers due to mechanical problems beyond our control. We have to ensure the vehicle we are transporting is safe, legal and fully insured at all times. All vehicle hire whilst waiting for repairs is solely down to the customer. All vehicles collected must be in full mechanical roadworthy condition for loading/unloading. If accident damaged then all loose parts must be strapped or removed prior to our arrival. At NO times must any vehicle be loaded with any extra personal goods.

18. Although we are a professional company unfortunately sometimes things do go wrong and we may misplace goods, in the event of this happening we will ensure the goods are returned free of charge within 2 months of the original delivery date. (This service is not available in some countries). Any damages/disputes must be reported whilst the delivery has been done and the driver is still at your property.

19. Any negative or derogatory comments made online or verbally unless admitted by Swift Removals UK Spain UK Ltd or proven in a court of law maybe deemed as harmful to our business reputation resulting in compensation being sought from the perpetrators.

20. Due to the global pandemic covid 19 we are not liable for any delays due to incidents beyond our control. All published prices shown or agreed in an email may be subject to further charges.

21. BREXIT: The prices published on this website are based on 2020 rates. We have yet to receive all charges for additional paperwork required from the 1st Jan 2021. Therefore all fees charged will need to be paid by the customer in addition to the price of the initial removal cost even after the 1st of January 2021. We will provide proof of Customs and any other paperwork fees if requested. Due to regular customs updates with additional paperwork we can never guarantee delivery dates. There may be an additional fee for our own administration in house. 

By accepting our quote you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.

Swift Removals Part Loads(in addition)

1a, based on a ground floor, door to door service.(if above ground floor please advise)

1b, our vehicles must have good access to entrances to properties (5 metre max). and be able to be within distance of the vehicle whilst collecting/delivering, long distances will incur a min charge of £50.

1c, minimum of 2 cubic meters, general household items & boxes only, we allow 80kg/1 cubic meter volumetrically

1d, if you exceed 1m3/80kg per cubic meter. Excess weight will be worked out pro rata per KG

1e, collection/delivery dates are as when passing. We will advise you of this at least 24 hour’s notice before. Collection/deliveries are between the hours of 8am to 7pm (Specific collection/delivery dates will be subject to availability and will be charged accordingly, please ask for available dates and rates).

1f, One man collection/delivery so the driver will need assistance with larger items. (extra porters can be arranged (min 24 hours notice) for a fee of £100.

1g, the customer is responsible for ensuring the items are export wrapped/prepared for international transport, (please request for photos of how we expect items to be prepared prior to our arrival)

1h, All furniture (ie Welsh Dressers, Chest of Drawers, Bedside Cabinets, TV Units etc) must be empty of goods.

2a, prior to our collection you are required to label each item and do an inventory using labels & Inventory sheets which will be emailed to you, if you don’t have access to a printer please write an a piece of A4 paper.

2b, any items not numbered/labelled or where an inventory has not been prepared will be charged at £1 per item to be numbered/labelled and £1 per item to inventory. 

2c, any additional items to those declared on fixed price bookings will be charged at £5 per cubic foot.

2d, no single item to weigh more than 25kg and exceed 50x50x50cms, additional charges for items over 25kg will be £7 per item up to 40kg, £20 per item up to 100kg.  The driver has the right to refuse lifting any items over 25kg even with help provided. 

2e, the goods are insured for £50 per cubic meter total loss. If you require additional insurance, please refer to a reputable Insurance company. 

2f, we will not transport unwrapped unprepared items as these items could damage fellow customers goods. As a duty of care, we will blanket wrap at a charge of £7 per item, (Blankets will be retained by your driver upon delivery), export bubble/cardboard wrap at a charge of £11 per item.

2g, TVs that are not in a specific TV box are not covered by any insurance. You can purchase these boxes on our website https://www.swift-removals.net/removal-packing-boxes 

3a, it is the customers responsibility to prove any electrical items are working on collection in front of the driver. 

3b, for areas outside A to A (please see map on website) and within the M25 we reserve the right to administer additional charges.

3c, by accepting our quote, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.